The IOK Seminary was established in 2010 with the goal of educating and training the next generation of Muslim American leaders, imams, chaplains, teachers and scholars to serve the religious and spiritual needs of their communities. It is a unique program that offers a one-year certificate in Islamic and Arabic studies, a two-year Associate’s degree in Islamic and Arabic studies, a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Islamic and Arabic studies, and an Ijāzah (Authorization) degree in teaching and transmitting Ḥadīth.
One of the notable aspects of the IOK Seminary is the diversity of its faculty, which consists of scholars who were trained in the traditional Islamic Sciences from institutions of higher learning throughout the world, including Madinah University, Al-Azhar, and Dār Al-‘Ulūm. This diversity creates a rich academic environment, exposing students to different approaches, perspectives, and understandings of the Islamic tradition.


The Seminary strives to strike a balance in the students’ educational lives by dividing the day in two halves. In the morning, students will focus on their Islamic and Arabic studies. In the afternoon they will focus on their academic studies at local colleges and universities.


The IOK Seminary aims to educate and train men and women as Islamic leaders and scholars by combining a classical understanding of Islam with contemporary scholarship. We aim to foster a healthy understanding of our sacred tradition and its application in modern day society.


The IOK Seminary is for sincere, highly motivated and dedicated individuals who want to pursue higher Islamic Studies without having to travel abroad or sacrifice their university studies. Enrollment will be limited and based on a selective process including but not limited to an interview, admission’s essay and assessments.